Commenting Guidelines

When drafting a blog post, I’m sharing my unique perspective. Once it’s published, it transforms into a shared viewpoint between us – me as the author and you as the readers. The diversity of your perspectives fuels engaging discussions in the comments section. There will be times when you align with my thoughts and other instances when you don’t. This dynamic is what fosters a lively exchange of ideas in the post’s comments.

Feel free to challenge my views in your comments. Critiques are welcome, as they reflect your passion for the subject matter. I appreciate the open dialogue, even if it involves criticism, provided it’s conveyed respectfully.

However, I urge you not to direct your criticism to fellow commenters. Like you, they’re contributing their unique viewpoints to the initial topic. While it’s acceptable to engage in discussions with me – after all, this blog is my domain, and I’m accountable for its content – targeting other commenters is not in line with the spirit of constructive discourse.

I strongly believe in an open commenting policy. I don’t pre-screen comments before publication, as I believe that this practice hinders authentic interaction and conversation. Based on the insightful discussions that have unfolded over the months, it appears that many of you share this sentiment.

Let’s maintain a respectful and harmonious atmosphere. As I’ve mentioned, you’re welcome to challenge my ideas – as the catalyst for these discussions, I embrace diverse viewpoints. However, let’s extend courtesy to all participants, including yourself. Failure to adhere to this principle might result in moderation or deletion of your comments, as well as potential banning if abusive behavior persists.

These standards also apply to comments containing defamatory or potentially litigious statements. Given that I am responsible for the blog’s content, I won’t tolerate claims that could lead to legal consequences. Such comments will be promptly removed.

Additionally, let’s refrain from promoting bigotry, hatred, sexism, profanity, or any other offensive content. If you’re seeking such content, platforms like TechCrunch or YouTube might be more suitable. Furthermore, I kindly request that you avoid including affiliate links in your comments. Instead, you’re welcome to reference your own blog posts related to specific affiliate programs.

Does this sound reasonable?

Oh, and one final note: Please use real names in your comments – refrain from using SEO-focused keyword names. The Do-Follow arrangement here already provides a backlink to your site, eliminating the need for excessive SEO tactics. Names that are clearly designed for link purposes will be edited.

Last updated: August 2023.

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