The idea of identity is to ask yourself the question, who am I?

“Positive thinking is a way to look at yourself – the most important person in your life is YOU.

Through personal study and meditation experience, I have explored my understanding of myself as a soul. I’ve delved into how we can treat ourselves properly and why we sometimes fail to recognize ourselves. Positive thinking not only benefits us but also those around us.

Do you know how many thoughts we have in a day?

Photo Courtesy: The Primal Yogi

Did you know how many thoughts we have in a day? We generate more than 30 thousand thoughts daily, and we’re in control of them. The choice of being happy or not rests with us – it’s a decision we make every day. We are responsible for our own happiness as well as the happiness of those around us. No one can make us happy or miserable unless we permit them to. If we possess the power to make ourselves miserable, then we also have the power to change that. The mind thinks, feels, desires, imagines, dreams, and remembers; all these aspects can be either positive or negative, stemming from the actions we take. We have the ability to transform our negative thoughts into positive ones – it’s within our reach and is our personal choice. Our negative qualities, comprising anger, disappointment, ego, greed, and lust, give rise to negative thoughts. Conversely, we also possess positive qualities such as peace, love, happiness, truth, wisdom, light, purity, and power. These positive qualities form the foundation of our soul (mind) and are attributes we must discover and be confident in.

How to change negative thoughts in to positive?

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Often, we seek positive qualities in others and inadvertently make our own lives miserable. When negative thoughts naturally enter our minds based on individual circumstances, we can intercept and convert them into positive thoughts through meditation and affirmations. By repeating foundational words such as love, peace, happiness, etc., we can shift our focus from negative to positive. This is an ongoing process.

While we might not be able to change the entire world, we do have the power to change ourselves by adopting a positive perspective.

How to start your day?

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In our busy daily lives, dedicating just 10 minutes each day to self-reflection can make a significant difference. Attempt to cultivate different reflections through meditation. Begin your day with thoughts of peace, love, happiness, etc., and affirm to yourself:

I have the freedom to choose, I radiate positive energy.

I am the creator of my own thoughts.

Everyone and everything holds goodness.

I discover peace, love, happiness, truth, wisdom, light, purity, and power within myself.”

Then you will see a big visible difference in yourself.  Try it and change your life style with your own qualities.[/junkie-alert]