Did you know that we have more than 30 thousand thoughts in a single day? To process these myriad thoughts, our souls possess innate powers. Were you also aware that we can shape and mold ourselves through these spiritual powers? Personal transformation involves shifting from a state of low self-esteem to high self-esteem and mastering the practice of our inner powers, skills, qualities, and more. By cultivating soul consciousness and connecting with the supreme soul (GOD), we can naturally absorb our inherent spiritual powers. These powers empower us to effectively engage in our daily interactions with both ourselves and the world. Here, we delve into some of the remarkable powers of our soul:

  1. The Power of Self-Reflection: 

Photo Courtesy: Brahma Kumaris

Imagine the tortoise that retracts its neck into its shell at the sight of an unusual event. Similarly, you have the power to view yourself as that tortoise when faced with circumstances beyond your control. Envision yourself as being protected from external influences, allowing you to remain unaffected by unfolding events. The capacity for self-observation, self-knowledge, and self-reflection resides within you.

2- The Power To Let Go:

Embrace the present moment, leaving behind the burdens of the past and worries of the future. The past is history, and your soul holds the power to release the baggage of unpleasant memories. Learn from the past without carrying its sorrow. Instead of dwelling on losses, focus on the present’s abundance, for the past is irretrievable, while the future may restore what was lost.

  1. The Power To Tolerate:   

Tolerance isn’t merely enduring what you dislike. True tolerance involves emanating positivity regardless of challenges. You possess the inherent strength and qualities to handle such situations gracefully.

  1. The The Power of Adaptation:

Recognize that your inner core remains unscathed unless you permit external influences to penetrate. Adaptation entails molding to various situations while nurturing personal growth. Expand your capacity for accommodation with each experience.

  1. The Power To Discernment: Your perception can distinguish genuine and lasting happiness. Just as a jeweler discerns real diamonds from imitations, you possess the ability to differentiate true happiness from superficial sources.
  1. The Power To Decide:

Visualize the scales of balance, urging you to weigh and assess, free from the sway of negativity. While listening to others, make decisions driven by your limitless inner qualities. You are the captain of your thoughts, capable of steering your own course.

  1. Power To Face Confront: Life brims with challenges that, far from weakening you, provide lessons for growth. Embrace errors as opportunities for learning; through failure, success is attained. Prepare to face life’s challenges with honesty and resilience, leveraging your inherent capacity.
  1. Power To Collaboration: Collaboration transcends mere assistance; it embodies the ability to view the bigger picture without envy. Your innate powers and qualities illuminate your path, regardless of your circumstances.

All these powers are yours to wield. Your happiness or misery rests solely within your control. Your thoughts, borne from your soul’s powers, constitute your crown and wings. Without your wings, flight is impossible. You are the sovereign of your thoughts, a ruler in your own right. By retaining your crown, you transcend the ordinary and embrace the potential for soaring success. The choice rests in your hands—prepare to take flight toward success!

Practice these simple exercises and suggestions to keep your thoughts on the positive side.